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By Jason Baki


Hushed, the secret soil – blanketed

Cold, the sentinel stone – frosted

Luminous, the restive dark – wide open

Raw, the puckered wound – broken

Red, the weary life – lamenting

Sharp, the ruinous blackthorn – piercing

Hurried, the final night – ending

Bright, the eternal promise – hidden

Stripped, the heavy flesh – unbidden


Reveal – Poetry

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By Jason Baki


Not this. Not that. Definitely not! No

A process of elimination

Discrimination – in the finest sense: judgement/wisdom


Yes. Oh yes. Not to be afraid of it

No need for self-sabotage on account of it. Okay? C’mon, mate

Look, no being without limits, a road is a line, etc

Recognition; you can say, “not this,” but you can say, “yes, that

A process of elimination,

by which that that was concealed is revealed

The making of you



It has been over a year since I last updated this blog. Oops! I never intended to leave it so long, but life gets in the way sometimes as we all know. Anyway, I intend to get back to it from now, and I will start using this blog again as a writing journal/diary, as well as a companion to material I’m working on with related thoughts, ideas, etc. A digital scrapbook. With that in mind, I have this documentary style music video from London band Benin City to share which deals with the issue of gentrification in London, particularly regarding disappearing cultural space. I’m an East Londoner, and I have a personal interest in this subject. One of the former nightclubs that features in the video, Passing Clouds in Hackney, was located across the way from where I grew up. It used to host a whole range of community events including popular spoken word nights. I shall return to this issue of gentrification, which is a feature of some of the material I am working on, at a later stage, but for now enjoy All Smoke No Fire by Benin City:

Benin City – All Smoke No Fire from wearebenincity on Vimeo.

As it has been a while since I shared any writing, I’ll also share this unrelated poem I wrote back in 2010 that I found while going through some of my files yesterday evening:

The Hologram

Her movement towards me, a flickering projection

Moments of clarity and connection

Fragmented by haze and distortion

An imperfect hologram

Flicker, flicker…

Then an instance of steady resonance

One clear transmission

Together for the briefest of moments

Conjoined as if at birth

Broken by haze and distortion

Flicker, flicker…

Two realities unable to unify

Flicker, fizzle, void.