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By Jason Baki


Hushed, the secret soil – blanketed

Cold, the sentinel stone – frosted

Luminous, the restive dark – wide open

Raw, the puckered wound – broken

Red, the weary life – lamenting

Sharp, the ruinous blackthorn – piercing

Hurried, the final night – ending

Bright, the eternal promise – hidden

Stripped, the heavy flesh – unbidden


Reveal – Poetry

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By Jason Baki


Not this. Not that. Definitely not! No

A process of elimination

Discrimination – in the finest sense: judgement/wisdom


Yes. Oh yes. Not to be afraid of it

No need for self-sabotage on account of it. Okay? C’mon, mate

Look, no being without limits, a road is a line, etc

Recognition; you can say, “not this,” but you can say, “yes, that

A process of elimination,

by which that that was concealed is revealed

The making of you